1. Core reading 4 items
    1. Coaching, mentoring and organizational consultancy: supervision, skills and development - Peter Hawkins, Nick Smith 2013

      Book essential A comprehensive look at the key competences and ethical issues associated in facilitating learning and change through coaching and related practices, with a substantial section on coaching and mentoring supervision.

    2. Diversity in coaching: working with gender, culture, race and age 2013

      Book essential Published with the Association for Coaching, Diversity in Coaching explores the impact and implication of difference in coaching. The book looks at how coaches can respond to issues of gender, generational, cultural, national and racial difference.

    3. The Center for Creative Leadership handbook of leadership development - Ellen Van Velsor, Cynthia D. McCauley, Marian N. Ruderman, Center for Creative Leadership 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book essential Coaching has become a mainstream activity within many organisations; this handbook is a compilation of issues and best practice across a range of organisational coaching contexts including cross-cultural coaching, onboarding, senior team coaching and managing coaching programmes.

    4. Coaching and mentoring: a critical text - Simon Western 2012

      Book essential Western introduces the important idea of different discourses (paradigms) which shape beliefs and approaches to coaching and mentoring, which in turn structure definitions and practices. A thought-provoking resource to answering the question ‘What is Coaching?’.

  2. Additional Reading 12 items
    1. Your reading choices will depend to a large degree on what practices you choose to contrast coaching with in order to explore and answer the assignment question. Here is a selection which may be of interest:

    2. Coaching and mentoring supervision theory and practice - Tatiana Bachkirova, Peter Jackson, David Clutterbuck 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book further reading

    3. The mediator's handbook - Jennifer E. Beer, Eileen Stief, Caroline C. Packard 2012

      Book further reading

    4. Supervision in the helping professions - Peter Hawkins, Robin Shohet 2012

      Book further reading

    5. Coaching with meaning and spirituality - Peter Hyson 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book further reading

    6. Freedom to practise: person-centred approaches to supervision - Keith Tudor, Mike Worrall 2004

      Book further reading

    7. The career coaching handbook - Julia Yates 2014

      Book further reading

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